Must watch new anime 2023 | Winter anime 2023 part-1

New year new anime more fun!!! In this post, we are going to cover some of the most thrilling, adventure-filled, sensational, unique graphics and storyline anime. In this, we will look at the must-watch new anime of January 2023. In which some will make their debut or will have their sequel/prequel season. So, without any delay let’s dive into the list of anime released in January 2023. 

Since it wasn’t an easy task to have all the anime in a single post so will be splitting it into different parts, so here is part-1.

Trigun Stampede:-

One of the og, I would say made its return to the anime in January 2023, the trigon stampede originally debuted as a manga in the year 1995 to 1997 in the Shonen magazine. It was created and illustrated by Yaushiro Nightow. The name Trigun consisted of only 2 volumes. Later it was renewed in the year 1997 to 2007 under the name “Trigun Maximum” which had 14 volumes. In the year 2010, it had a movie name “ Trigun: Badland Rumble”.

Anime had its debut in 1998 which ran for 26 episodes and was animated by Studio Madhouse. Later this year it was again rebooted by the studio Orange. Its first episode came on 7 January 2023.

Trigun Stampede cover image
Credit: – Yasuhiro Nightow, shonengahsoha

The plot revolves around an aspiring bounty hunter “Vash the stampede” who fights other bounty hunters to get his bounty. In the process, he gets the bounty of 60$$ billion double dollars. He got his nickname the “humanoid typhoon”. 

Vash, the protagonist of this series is set to find his twin brother “Million Knives”. He never kills people, instead, he tries to find his opponents’ stories throughout the series.

The series is based on the 32nd century where the people of earth have taken shelter on the other planets, will give you the vibe of the “dune” or “mad max” or “cowboy bebop”. The main reason is that Yaushiro Nightow is a fan of western sci-fi movies which he has shown through his work in the stampede. 

It’s a great series based on themes of sci-fi, space exploration, post-apocalyptic world.

High Card: –

One of the most anticipated anime of 2023, with a unique story line and graphics. It made its debut in Dec 2022.

The anime is a multi-project of Homuro Kawamoto which will include anime, manga, a short novel, and a drama cd set these all are will be spinoffs based on their different characters. 

High card anime cover page

The high card anime will give you the feel of Kingsman movies since it is inspired by its theme and if you have loved Kingsman then you guys will surely love the High card or if you have not then you will love Kingsman after watching the high card so it is vice versa ?. The manga was written by Homura Kawamto and illustrated by Ebimo. The anime is created by Hibari Studio.

The plot is as its name suggests high card, there are secret decks of 52 (x-playing cards) in a certain kingdom name Fourland. Each card grants its wielder a special magical power however the cards got stolen and were separated throughout the nation. so, the empire forms a secret crew by the name of a Pinochle Sales Crew, working as undercover agents to retrieve the stolen cards the agents are known as the high cards.

The official website is now officially live for the fans for future updates –

Tomo-chan is a girl:-

In Japanese, it is Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! the manga was written and illustrated by Fumita Yanagida.

Tomo-chan made its debut as a web novel and won the next manga award in 2016. The manga ran from April 2015 to July 2019. Its anime adaption made its debut in Jan 2023. The anime was animated by the Lay Dance and got popular as its debut.

Tomo chan is a girl cover page
Credit: – my anime list

The plot revolves around a girl and a boy who are childhood friends. The boy’s name is Aizawa and the girl is Tomo. But since tomo always had a Tomboy personality, Aizawa didn’t give her attention as a girl. When they grow up Tomo-chan started having a love interest in Aizawa. so, the anime is all about her trying to make Aizawa fall in for her and see her as a girl rather than a boy.

It is a great slice-of-life anime and a cute love story that’s why it’s ranking at the top in the winter anime 2023 list.

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Revenger: –

Do not mistake it as a Tokyo revenger. The Revenger is a completely different anime and nope I haven’t typo it ?. The new revenger manga debuted in 2023. 

The manga was created by Ryusei Yamada. It was serialized in Shonen Jump and the anime is being produced by Nitro Plus and Shochinu, animated by Aijiado animation company

Revengers cover page
Credit: – Crunchyroll

Revenger is a group of five characters who are hitmen and live under a hideout which is a shop and its name is “Ribenjiya”. The theme of revenger is set in feudal Japan in samurai style it will give you the vibes of the Bleach characters as their style was also like sword and gun. 

The storyline is unique but the theme is somewhat similar to the all-previous samurai-based anime.

Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten: –

Another great slice-of-life anime made its debut in January 2023 along with its web novel. It was created by Saekisan and illustrated by Harekoto. The web novel made its debut in 2019, The anime has been animated by “Project no. 9”.

Angel next door spoils me rotten
Credit: – Crunchyroll

Amane Fujimiya, the most beautiful girl in school kind of lives alone, Mahiru Shiina is her neighbor but he never saw Amane as the most beautiful until a stormy day, he saw her alone sitting on a bench at a park and lends her his umbrella, to return this act of kindness Amane offered her helped around his house, and the distance started closing and love started spreading in the air.

So far 7 volumes have been published in the light novel, and soon 8th gonna make its debut in Japan.

Buddy Daddies:-

If you love watching spy x family, then you will love daddy buddies. It’s an original anime which has made its debut in January 2023. 

It was animated by P. A works and was produced by Aniplex and Nitro Plus (also produced Revengers). It is an original anime which means it doesn’t have any manga background or manhwa or Donghua or comics or web novel. I think this much is enough to describe that it is original?. 

Buddy Daddies
Credit: – Crunchyroll

The plot revolves around three characters Kazuki Kurusu, Rei Suwa, and Miri. Kazuki and Kurumi are two best friends who have been living under the same roof and they both are hitmen. On Christmas eve Miri was on street to find her father, who happens to be their target, she meets Kazuki and Rei and they take her in to take good care of her. The Miri thinks of Kazuki as her biological father.

The anime kinda gives the same vibes as the spy x family, it’s a good slice-of-life anime as we can call it a hidden gem. No doubt it’s on the top list of currently streaming anime in the world.

Conclusion: –

January is filled with so many amazing anime that have made their debut or their predecessor or successor series, though we have tried our best to cover the trending anime which have been loved, although we may have forgotten, some of the anime to include in this list. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t great some anime are like “Campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skill, Tokyo revengers, The Misfit of Demon Academy, NieR: Automata, Vinland Saga, etc. All these anime will be included in our Next Post (Part-2), so stay tuned and check our previous works, ty?.


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