Top 10 Anime of all time

There is an ocean of anime out there, so it is hard to say which one is best because every anime is unique on its own and have a different kind of taste which varies from person to person. Plus, it’s hard to say the best anime in the top 10 since there is a new anime coming, we had to leave some anime out of the top 10 but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy enough to be in the top 10 anime list. so, with all the excitement in the heart let’s sail our ship to find one piece, oops! I mean top 10 anime of all time.

1. Dragon Ball Series :

One of the most famous anime of all time and known as the foundation stone or founding father of the “Big 3 Anime”. The Dragon Ball series was the adaption of the manga created by “Akira Toriyama” from 1984 to 1995 for Shonen. As being the oldest and still that is why it’s at the top of the list of top 10 anime of all time.

Dragon Ball Z Characters

The story of a boy named Goku who happens to have a monkey-like tail and a girl name Bulma who is a scientist together they go on an adventure to hunt the seven mythical and mystical dragon balls which are used to call a mythical godly creature name Shenron, who can complete a wish of the summoner.

The series consists of

  • Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • Dragon Ball Super

2. Naruto :

One of the Big 3 and almost ruling everyone’s heart, the one and only, the creator of Talk-no-Jutsu, Seventh Hokage, The Summoner of Dattebayo, jokes aside it is one of the most famous and best still running as big, with its predecessor Boruto(Naruto’s Son). This anime recently got its reanimation almost after a decade with brand new graphics in December 2022.

Naruto-Sakura-Sasuke posing in front of leaf village
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The story revolves around an orphan kid who desires to be a Hokage of Konoha village. he set out on an adventure to become a Hokage. the series is split into two parts one is of Naruto as a teen and a time skip that is almost like every other anime to boost up our hero in his skill set. It is a nice anime with the taste of ninja-world action and adventure. if you have not watched it yet you should!!!!! Dattebayoooo.

3. One Piece :

The one that never ends, that’s known as one piece. it’s also part of the Big Three. If you are a fan of pirates then surely you gonna love this anime. Because it’s that good with many characters and places, this surely has a huge world formation anime.

This anime is now at its peak as this will going to end in like 4-5 years or may be more(only Oda sensei knows). After running for like more than a decade. Some have grown up watching this as a teen and now have become an adult but Luffy has not found his one-piece yet (lol).

One Piece all characters

Anime is based on the life of pirates who seeks treasure and adventure in the vast world. Our crew the Straw hat Pirates captained by Monkey-D-Luffy also set on the world of oceans to find the greatest of treasure the ONE PIECE and to become the king of the pirates with his awesome crew.

This anime has all the taste that someone desires when he investigates an anime, adventure, funny, slice of life, action, and emotional ride. That makes it in the top 3 anime of all time.

4. Bleach :

Well, folks don’t go on its name, that this anime is based on the bleach for washing and all because it is not. It is the last of the Big Three anime and one that’s giving competition to one piece because this one’s still going too (technically it was on heist). With its new season in 2022, Bleach the thousand-year blood war. It has returned to take back its position in the top 5 of the ”top 10 best anime of all time“.

Bleach all characters

A student Ichigo, who has the power to see the ghosts or souls or also known as the Hollow (corrupted souls) meets with a Shinigami (hollow hunter) Rukia. By accident Rukia’s power, gets transferred to Ichigo, and our boy’s adventure of becoming a Soul Reaper starts. you should watch it. It is literally on the list of top 5.

Bleach the thousand-year blood war also in the list of top 10 anime of 2022

5. Hunter x Hunter :

One of the most financially profitable manga and one that continues. It was written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. Its anime adaption from 1999 to 2001 came back with several hiatus. The manga too got its longest hiatus in 2018 and re-release in 2022.

Hunter X hunter characters

The anime follows the story of a young boy Gon Freecss who finds out that his father is the world’s most famous hunter (licensed professional) who hunts down unidentified species, and unexplored dangerous caves, finding treasures. Gon then set out to find his father and along the way meets many adventures.

The anime is based on fantasy, martial arts, and adventure. That is why it is in the top 10 anime of all time.

6. One Punch Man :

One of the best superhero theme-based anime. With the overpowered character who kills any enemy with just one punch. That’s where he got his title from. Anime consists of witty characters and one of the best side character developments along the way.

One punch man main character Saitama
Photo: VIZ Media ; Illustration: Dillen Phelps

The manga was created by the “One“. Its digital manga was illustrated by “Yusuke Murata“. The “one” also created the manga “Mob Psycho 100” it’s also famous and beloved. The story follows the “Saitama” who can defeat anyone with just one punch but grows bored of fighting due to a lack of rivals who can last against him. a great adventure and comedy that makes it to the top 10 anime of all time.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist :

If you love a world of alchemy and magic then this anime is for you. The full metal was written and illustrated by “Hiromu Arakawa“. the anime was adapted in 2003 and it has live-action films with two sequels. The manga sold more than 80 million copies making it one of the most popular manga.

Fullmatel Cover
Pic credit: Huzy

The story revolves around two brothers elder one is Edward and the younger one is Alphonse Elric. After learning alchemy, the brothers decides to bring their dead mother back from the heavens in process of this their alchemy misfires and Edward loses his arm and his younger brother’s whole body has been lost later Edward performs a method and bring his brother’s soul back and binds it to an iron suit. the adventure makes this anime to the top 10 anime of all time.

8. Attack on Titan :

If you are into dark fantasy, beasts, giants, and gore adventure type, then this anime is perfect for you. One of the popular anime was created and illustrated by Hajime Isayam and its anime adoption got popular too as soon as it got released that’s why it is in the top 10 anime of all time.

Attack on titans all characters

The story follows a young boy Eren Yeager who set out to take revenge for his mother who got killed in a giant’s attack. He swore to take his revenge and wipe out all the giants from the earth. Later he discovers that there is another human civilization too and giants can be transformed into humans as he is also one of them and the adventure starts its journey.

9. Gintama :

With more than 50 million copies sold of its manga series, makes it one of the most popular manga that’s why it’s in our top 10 anime of all time. The manga was created by “Hideaki Sorach“. it’s a comedy and science fiction with a samurai theme makes it a unique taste.

Gintama characters

The story follows our boi Gintoki Sakata who is a samurai who lives with his friends and tries to pay rent doing the task for others the science fiction side comes with the taste of the aliens who have conquered the earth and they have been living together since. It’s a unique anime having many references to other anime makes it fun to watch.

10. Cowboy Bebop :

Hailed as one of the best anime which has only 2 seasons and not just of now it was released in 1998, it was created and illustrated by Sunrise Studio. It was a financial success in japan and the western world. Its dub version got more applause from its fans. It had a unique animation style, and its soundtracks, dialogue writing, characters, and dubbing, sooth in a perfect way.

Cowboy bebop characters

The story was set in 2071 when our planet has become inhabitant to us so human civilization has taken on its natural satellites or other planets. There are bounty hunters (licensed by the government) who captures intergalactic criminal to get a bounty our heroes are the bounty hunter and sets on the adventure of hyperspace.

This series is also referred to as the gateway series for anime.

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