Top Romance Anime to Watch on Netflix

The February month is usually of the cupid, well not for singles☹, but worry not rest of the year is for us. So, this valentine’s month let’s check out some of the great romantic comedy movies and shows, so the genre of this list is set on rom-com. Couples’ Thank me later for this post.

Kaguya sama :Love is war:-

This show took the meaning of “everything is fair in love and war” but in a comical way. The manga was written and illustrated by Aka Akasaka. The anime made its debut in 2018 and it was animated by A1-pictures.


The Anime is set in a high school setting a school name Shuchin Academy there is a vice president Kaguya Shinomiya. Who is from a wealthy family (conglomerate family). And president Miyuki Shirogane who is the top student of the school and well known .both the president and the vice president have affection towards each other but won’t confess their love to each other as the one who will confess first will be the loser.

The show follows the scheme of making each other confess with a comedy and romance twist which makes it a treat to viewers. That’s why it is on our list of Romance Anime on Netflix.


  1. 2019 — 12 episodes— kaguya sama love is war (s-1)
  2. 2020 — 12 episodes – kaguya sama love is war (s-2)
  3. 2022 — 13 episodes –kaguya sama love is war : ultra-romantic (s-3)

Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso):

An amazing love story with great storytelling and characters you will surely love this, Anime. The story follows a great skilled pianist name Kosei Arima after some time his mother expired. Due to this incident, Kosei went into trauma (mental breakdown) such that he wasn’t able to hear his piano whenever he played but was normal to other actions and hearing, after sometime later he met with a girl name Kaori. She was a violinist and had a free-spirited personality. She motivated Kosei to play again through his emotions, and along the way, two got attracted to each other.


This was mainly a one-shot manga which was written by Naoshi Arakawa through a competition in which he participated and later it inspired him to continue it into a more beautiful love story along the way getting inspiration from the other musical Animes. 

The anime made its debut in 2014 and a live-action movie in 2016 and a light novel and many stage production. It’s one of the hit and famous love story and romance anime on Netflix, so make sure to check it out.

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Ryuji Takara in his 2nd year of high school has a crush on Minori Kushieda but Minori has a crush on Ryuji’s bestie Yusaku Kitamura, there is a deadly pet that happens to be the bestie of Minori, the pets name is Toriya which happens to hate most of them except Minori. Ryuji finds out that Minori’s crush is Yusaku and Toriya finds out about Ryuji’s crush and decides to help him to get him together with Minori and Ryuji tries his bestie. A great story about the blossoming of love and friendship.

It’s a nice rom-com that will make you fall in love with the show and the characters. Its art line and the story are unique.

It was a light novel by Yuyuko Takemiya the manga debuted in 2007 and had 11 volumes and the anime debuted in 08 to 09 in 25 episodes. The game made its debut in 2009.

Violet Evergarden:-

Another popular romance series in Japan and on Netflix, having multiple projects under its name it sure is popular. The light novel was created by Kana Akatsuki. Its anime adaptation made its debut in 2018 by Kyoto animation company which consisted of the 13th episode. It also won the 5th Kyoto animation award categorized in the light novel.

The plot consists of the military background as the hero is a girl after retiring from the army is trying to find the meaning of life when her senior died in front of her she didn’t understand the last word of his last words “I LOVE YOU”. So she is trying to find the meaning of life and emotions from her life.


  1. Light novel – 4 volumes – 2015 – 2020
  2. Anime – 13 episodes – 2018
  3. Movies – violet evergarden: eternity and the Auto memory Doll(2019)
  4. Violet evergarden: The Movie(2020) 

Maid Sama:-

The manga was created by Thiro Fujiwara from 2005 to 2013 consisting of 18 volumes. The Maid Sama is a treat watch. The genre is rom-com. Anime made its debut in 2010 by the J.C Staff animation company with 26 episodes and 1 ova for the lovely fans.


The story is of a high school that used to be an all-boys school, now it has changed into a co-ed school but due to its past setting, the girl students haven’t as much as the other school. A girl named Misaki puts her best efforts to excel in every activity to be an example and later was made the school’s 1st female council president. She secretly works at a café named “maid café” later a boy (Takumi Usui) finds out about the café and Misaki’s work and the story start of blooming of flowers into the relationship and all. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion:-

Set in an apocalyptic world, the earth is in a conflict state now where wars have been fought with mecha machines and legends have been revived.15 years after the apocalypse a teen Shinji was recruited by his father into a shadowy organization. To be a pilot of a giant mecha robot (Evangelion) used to fight the species known as the angels. the story follows the lives of pilots and the angels in the war and the things which were happening behind their backs in shadows.

The neon genesis series has been a hit show in Japan and also in the world earning a whooping amount of 700 billion yen worldwide in the year 2015.

The series was created by Hidekai Anno and aired from 1995 to 1996. Followed by The manga adaption of the same name and angelic bay. A light novel was also launched with the subtitle Anima and later they launched movies in the segments as follows


  1. Revival of Evangelion:-
  2. Death of rebirth—1997
  3. End of evangelion –1997
  4. Rebuilding evangelion:-
  5. You r not alone(2007)
  6. You can advance(2009)
  7. You can redo(2012)
  8. Thrice upon a time (2021)

As the list keeps on getting bigger we have decided to split it into two parts series, the next part will soon be updated. Meanwhile, check our previous works here and contact us through our social media accounts if you have any ideas or want us to edit something. Adios 


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