Jujutsu kaisen (s-2): The things we know, The things we will know

At jump fest 2023 we got the teaser of the jjk s-2(Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2) which looks totally cool and full of hope for the jjk lovers. The animation is of course done by the none other than MAPPA who’s also doing animations of chainsaw man, Attack of Titan, one punch man(soon), etc. following we will go through recap to what we can expect in season-2.

Jujutsu kaisen season-2 launch date: –

We can watch Jujutsu kaisen from July 2023 to throughout the year or maybe to initial months of 2024. We are expecting season 2 will have almost same number of episodes as of season-1 that had 24 episodes . so that makes it around 24-26 episodes. It might be launched on Netflix or the Crunchyroll s previously as season 1. There will be also a gap between the episodes so it will be covered in 2 course most likely before the Shibuya incident arc.

Jujutsu kaisen Season 2
Artist: 紅花血月


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what we can expect in Jujutsu kaisen season-2 arc: (might be little spoilers)

The season 2 of jujutsu kaisen will adapt the 2 arcs of the manga the first arc will be the past of the Gojo Satarou in which he will be a second-year student (it will be fun to watch gojo as a student though) and second arc will follow our hero yuji in Shibuya incident arc in which antagonists will try to seal gojo sataru .

Since the first season ended with death painting arc that was ch 55-64 in manga so these two new arcs will be of ch 65-136. Without spoiling too much ? the second season will deal with major characters and their backstories, so we can say that the new cursed season will be banggg with gojo sataru and his students. also Yuta will make his official entry in the series after his debut in the film

Jujutsu kaisen Season 2
Artist:- TOPSNOW

What we know about jujutsu kaisen :

It was tremendously hit in 2020 when it debuted later it won anime of the year award by Crunchyroll. Later of season 1 we got the jujutsu kaisen movie 0 which introduced us to the Yuta and his powerful curse. The movie received lots of love from the community from all sides since then fans were keenly waiting for the second season. In the first season the yuji and the team fought the womb brothers at the Megumi’s ex school. The death of the womb brothers made their             

Jujutsu kaisen Season 2
Artist: 矢野

elder brother choso furious and we also know that how Sukuna swallowed the cursed finger slyly collected by the Megumi after defeating the cursed in an intense battle. After the season 1 we got the movie  the jujutsu kaisen 0 in which the protagonist was the high jujutsu sorcerer Yuta was introduced. he gets the exceptionally powerful cursed spirit of his childhood friend and seeks to control it so later he got introduced to the Gojo sataru under his supervision he joins the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School. It’s a canon story And the Story follows the events of way before of incidents of season 1.

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Jujutsu kaisen season 2 characters:-

Jujutsu kaisen Season 2
Artist: 灸場メロ

The  important characters of this season  are as follows:-

  • Yuji itadori
  • Megumi fushiguro
  • Nobara kugisaki
  • Gojo sataru
  • Ryomen sukuna
  • Geto suguru
  • Toji fushiguro
  • Riko amanai
  • Yuki tsukumo
  • Yuta okkotsu
  • Kento nanami

And may more.


The hype is realll that’s why it  is worth to wait ?. While you wait we recommend you check our top 10list of all time . while you wait you can check mappa’s other animes like chainsaw man gonna have its finale soon , Attack On Titan . or you can check our other articles to find your next binge.

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  2. The ‘Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event’ and ‘Shibuya Incident’ arcs were intense and emotionally charged, leaving me eagerly anticipating the next season. Overall, Jujutsu Kaisen is a must-watch for any anime enthusiast!”


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